2 Deranged Writers

A podcast by two deranged writers: Gina Tron & Mary Lynn Ritch

Interview with Cherie Lily, fitness pro and dance music producer/performer. We chatted about how to stay healthy and Cherie's favorite things to read.

We had some major audio issues so some of the interview is missing. Cherie was amazing and we wish we had all her great tips but take a listen to her awesomeness.

follow her on insta @cherie_lily

Gina and Mary Lynn discuss Brett Kavanaugh's crying, autumn leaves, bad advice and beautifully baked bread.

Mary Lynn and Gina talk about interviewing subjects and celebs, some of the challenges and interesting aspects about it. And DUMP EM OUT.

Both Mary Lynn and Gina have a habit of speaking out, both in their own ways. They talk about the joys and annoyances of being vocal. 

Reaction to the mass shooting in Annapolis, Maryland. Mary Lynn and Gina talk about the climate surrounding journalism, and their own issues when working as small-town reporters. 

Gina reads a 2011 cafe review she wrote. Spoiler: it has too much alliteration.

Mary Lynn talks about a band review she did. Spoiler: it has too much vomit. 

Gina and Mary Lynn discuss the new Golden State Killer book.

Gina and Mary Lynn talk about the beautiful storytelling of reality television.

Gina and Mary Lynn discuss their adventures in Tinder trolling. Then they have a special guest on, whose probably being catphished.

A very important news conference about Mary Lynn.

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